Fall 2018 City Updates

Fall 2018 

Enforcement of City Ordinances pertaining to Grass/Weeds and Resident Yard Storage

The City of Green Isle is enforcing the City Ordinance 92 Grass & Weed Control and City Ordinance 94 (link) – Regulation of Resident’s Storage or Vehicles on Open Yard Areas.  These ordinances cover the clean-up of all resident’s yards.  Letters will be sent to non-compliant residents shortly.
Pet License 
All pets need a City Pet License. Please contact the City Office to obtain or update your pet’s license.  The City Council is enforcing the Pet Ordinance 2007-03 (link).

These and all other city ordinances can be found on this website under “City–> City Ordinances”.

Let’s work together to make Green Isle a clean and safe place to live.

Thank You – Green Isle City Council

Clover Kids Child Care – Now Open

Clover Kids Child Care is now licensed and open at the Green Isle Community School.

Open spots remain for infants and toddlers.

For more information: visit-  greenislecommunityschool.org/preschoolclover_kids.aspx

Or contact Green Isle Community School at 507-326-7144 or info@greenislecommunityschool.org

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