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Sibley County Public Health: Free COVID-19 vaccine clinic for anyone age 65+

Location:  Sibley County Service Center, 111 8th St, Gaylord
Who: Anyone 65 or older
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Registration: Appointments are required. Registration will open Monday, March 8 at 10:00 am and you may register either online using the link that will be on the Sibley County website at or by calling (507) 237-7830 starting March 8 at 10:00 am.


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Tri County 2021 Mobile Collection Dates

Attached is 2021 mobile collection schedules for the tire, appliance, electronics and household hazardous waste collections.

Via reciprocity – Sibley County residents can attend any of these collections.

The Hazardous waste collections have free disposal.

The tire, appliance, electronics collections charge reduced fees that will be posted prior to collection dates in newspapers and other social media.

The Sibley County collections will also be listed on an insert in the annual tax statement from Sibley County this spring.

Also, Sibley County residents can bring household hazardous waste to McLeod and Scott Counties’hazardous waste facilities for free disposal during business hours. I will send out more information about this at a later time.



2021 Appliance and Electronics Savings Coupon

Residents who bring their e-waste and appliances to our vendor Green Tech recycling in Mankato or to the McLeod County recycling center in Hutchinson will get a savings discount.

It will only cost them $5 per tv, any other electronic, or any appliance and they can do this anytime during the business hours in 2021!

They can print it out or show it on their smartphone.

Each coupon will be filled out upon disposal with an address and number of items to help us track items better (number of & location), no names required – just City / County residency.



Resolution  2021-04 – Revised Garbage/Recycling Fees

Resolution  2021-04


Effective for services given on and after March 1, 2021, the city garbage pickup utility services fee will be $14.00 per month, and the city recycling pickup service fee will be $4.00 per month. These services are billed in two month intervals, therefore for each two-month billing cycle, the combined garbage and recycling pickup charge will be: $36.00.

2021 Cancer Cruise benefiting Becky Schlueter of Arlington

We are excited to announce our 10th Annual Cancer Cruise will be held on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at the Arlington Community Center. The 2021 event will benefit Becky Schlueter of Arlington. Becky was diagnosed with appendix cancer in 2015. Appendix cancer is very rare, affecting less than ten people per 1 million. After completing chemotherapy, and a very extensive surgery, she was declared cancer free, until 2019 when the doctors discovered her cancer had returned. She has faced many other health obstacles because of this diagnosis, and is not able to work while she continues to fight this ugly disease.


Since we don’t know exactly what the state’s regulations will be for June, we are only planning a Cruise this year (just like we had last year). We will also put together a silent auction, and have the bidding done online. If you would like to donate to our Silent Auction, or would like to be a financial Sponsor for our 2021 event, please let me know. I’ve attached our 2021 Poster announcing the event, as well as our T-shirt, Hoodie, and baseball cap order form.


Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 5th, so we can all show Becky how much the community is behind her in her fight!

Felicia Brockoff | Founder | Phone: (507) 964-5603

The Cancer Cruise is organized by Community Giving Hope, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started by family and friends.  Our mission is to raise money to assist our local community members with overbearing medical expenses, and every day expenses, due to a long term illness.
  We pride ourselves on distributing locally raised funds locally.

Like & follow us on Facebook! Cancer Cruise of Sibley County, MN

2021 Poster


2021 Order Form