Park Board

Parks Summer 2022

The Green Isle Park Board has been busy the first half of 2022.

  We are so happy about our successful Easter Egg Hunt that was held last April. We had about 100
children come to the Hunt. The Green Isle Charter School joined the Green Isle Park Board planning, preparing and hosting the event. We had some awesome donations from Locher Bros., Vos
Construction, Melsha Construction, Scheels and Cornerstone State Bank.

  Thank You so much for helping us make this event happen. Besides the hunt, we gave away some fun prizes for each age group. The prizes ranged from bikes, scooters, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, bike helmets, etc. and of course candy!!

Park Updates:

  Veterans Park – The playground is used by many families. Soon the gazebo will be installed. The
supplies are here and the install is scheduled for June 16th. The installation will take approximately 2
weeks. Once that is finished, sidewalks and a picnic patio area will be installed. The gazebo and the
cement have been made possible from the Dan Dauffenbach City Donation. No words can show how appreciative we are to Dan for making these park improvements possible.

  The Veterans Memorial is a continuing project. The statues have been donated from the Green Isle
Legion, The Ott Family, Ridgeview Medical Center, The JIT Company, Locher Bros., Cornerstone
State Bank and the Arlington VFW. If you are interested in a Memorial Plaque for a family member or
friend the forms are available at the City Office or at Cornerstone State Bank. We are so thankful to all
who have helped make this park possible. The Green Isle Flower Committee continuously waters and
pulls weeds at the park. This committee consists of Mary Ott, Rollin & Beth Stockman, Amy Scott, Pat Ziegler and Diane Brown.

  Lions Park – We are in the process of hiring a professional Lawn Service Company to improve the area
around the playground. We have been advised to seed in the fall. Please be patient with us this
summer with this area of the park. We did have a company hired last fall but due to poor health we
needed to rethink our plan.

  We also are in the planning stage to bring an Archery Range to the back northwest corner of this park.
This range will be fenced off and you must be at least 18 years old to use it or accompanied by an adult.

Green Isle Baseball Park – The new cement areas and the backstop have been installed. These
improvements have been made possible by the Dan Dauffenbach City Donation. Again we say, Thank
You so very much. Continued cleanup and improvement efforts are being done every day by the
Baseball Board. The playground area has the new handicap equipment installed.

As a community, we need your help to keep our parks clean and safe. Please throw all garbage in the
receptacles at each park and be respectful to everyone at the park. Thanks so much!

Green Isle Park Board
Diane Brown, Chairman
Malli Harms, Secretary
Tracy Spangler
Adam Fiering