Park Board

The Green Isle Park Board in 2019 has been busy improving and updating our City Parks.  The Playground at the Baseball Park had a new coating of wood chips applied in June.  Volunteers Scott Vos, Ben Brazil, Vic Giesen, Tom Edmonds, Mario Hieronimus and City Maintenance Employee Kirby Kroells spread the chips.  This saved the city approximately $800.00. Thank You so much, guys!

Also at the Baseball Park, a Water Fountain was replaced.  Currently, we are working on The Lion’s Park Playground.  The swing set, the slide and the merry-go-round needed to be replaced.  We are working with Playground Equipment Companies to get replacement estimates.  We are hopefully going to get new equipment at the park in September.

As we inspected the Lion’s Park Area we noticed the Oak Tree by the Playground was split. We brought in a tree expert and he confirmed it could fall at any time.  Before any of our children would get hurt, we needed to bring that tree down.  This was completed at the beginning of July.  These improvements were made possible by a generous gift from the Green Isle Lions and partnering with the City of Green Isle.

Our Veteran’s Park Committee consisting of Mike Vos, Kevin Effertz, Diane Brown, Don Ziegler, Rollie Stoeckmann, Mary Ott, Scott Vos, and Danny Kroells is currently trying to raise money for Phase II.  If you are interested there are information sheets at Cornerstone Bank.

Please contact any of the Park Board Members with suggestions for our parks.

Thank You,
Park Board Members

Diane Brown
Shane Sheets
Mallie Harms
Jamie Hecksel