Park Board

The Green Isle Park Board has met a few times this spring. We have added a new member to our board,
Bridget Hale. She has prior experience and will be a great asset to our team. The other members of our
team are Diane Brown (President), Mallie Harms (Secretary) and Jamie Hecksel.
The Green Isle Lions Club has given the Green Isle Park System a generous donation of $5,000.00. With
this donation, we are currently working on two additions to our Lion’s Park. These items are a Crawl Log
and a Daisy Merry-Go-Round for our younger children. We also plan on setting up a 4 Square Ball Court
on our Tennis Court for our older children. The Baseball Park is in the process of building a Utility
Building. A portion of this donation will be used to help cover the building expenses. The remaining
amount will be used for upcoming Children Events.
The Children’s Events we are planning include a “Treat Day” coming up in July. We will be handing out
GIANT Freezies, introducing ourselves to our children and asking for their input on our parks and
updating them and their parents with our plans. Next spring we will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt.
Our Veterans Park is in Phase II. This entire Park has been put together by individual donations.
Currently the Park Committee is selling Area Veterans Park plaques. These plaques honor past or
current Military, Fire Department, Policemen or EMT members. If you are interested, the forms can be
picked up at CornerStone Bank or the City Office.
If you have any suggestions for our Park System, please contact one of our Park Board Members.

Thank You,
Park Board Members

Diane Brown
Mallie Harms
Jamie Hecksel
Bridget Hale