City Office

The City Office Doors are closed to the public as of Nov 11, 2020.

The City Clerk will be in the office Tuesday (10am – 6pm), Wednesday (10am – 6pm) and Thursday (10am – 6pm).  Please contact via phone, email, or through dropbox.

Please wear face coverings per current guidelines.

Please keep social distancing and limit interactions per current healthcare guidelines.

City Reminder
The City Council reminds citizens to not blow leaves or grass into the street.  This can lead to blockages with stormwater grates and the stormwater system itself.

Take pride in Green Isle!

Green Isle Area Veterans Park

The GI Veterans Park is in Phase II. Soon the Memorial Plaques and Benches will be placed in the park. If you are interested in recognizing a Military, GI Fire Dept., Local Police Dept. or EMS Veteran, please pick up a form at Cornerstone State Bank.

Animal License 2020  – due by January 31, 2020

The City Council is enforcing the Animal Ordinance 2007-03 (link) -a penalty of $50.00 fine.  All pets need a City Animal License. Please provide current vaccination records. Contact the City Office to obtain or update your pet’s license.   Green Isle Animal License Application (link)

Let’s work together to make Green Isle a clean and safe place to live.
Thank You – Green Isle City Council

Clover Kids Child Care – Now Open

Clover Kids Child Care is now licensed and open at the Green Isle Community School.  Open spots remain for infants and toddlers.  For more information: greenislecommunityschool.org/preschoolclover_kids.aspx

Or contact Green Isle Community School at 507-326-7144 or info@greenislecommunityschool.org

  The City of Green Isle is a “Premier City on the Move” within Sibley County.  With one of the newest and most advanced water and wastewater systems in the area, the City of Green Isle has worked diligently to ensure that our water and wastewater services are second to none.

  The City of Green Isle has been experiencing a great deal of growth with housing developments on all four corners of the city.

  Whatever your preference for housing may be, Green Isle offers it, from single family custom homes,in any style or size, to single level twin and quad homes for the individual that doesn’t want the upkeep of a large yard or a lot of steps to shovel.

  Growth in Green Isle makes for a very exciting time for the city and the residents that live here.

  The amount of growth, as well as the commitment from the city to provide as many services as possible in such a small community, is what led the city to the opening of a Charter School, which started welcoming students for the 2005 school year.

  Green Isle is a safe and clean community with a rural style of living that is second to none.  The city combines many essential functions and services with the City of Arlington, namely water treatment and wastewater services.  Police protection is provided by the Sibley County Sheriff’s Department.  These types of relationships have proven to be very cost effective.

Green Isle Economic Profile