Green Isle Economic Development Authority Board

Construction begins on new industry – Timberline Wood Products. (Dec 2017)


The Green Isle EDA meets monthly on the first Monday of the month at Green Isle City Hall at 7 pm.  The Authority is made up of both elected officials and citizens. The Authority is aided by Sibley County’s Community Development Program Manager.

The current board (as of 6/8/17) is represented by:

Randal Bruegger – President
Mark Wentzlaff – City Council Member
Mark Miller
Brian Oelfke
Bert Panning
Scott Vos

Green Isle EDA Consultant
Amy Newsom
Sibley County Community Development Program Manager

Phone:  507-237-4117 or 507-479-3219
Fax: 507-237-4358

Board Packets:

EDA Agenda 12 12 2017 – Special Meeting

12 4 2017 GI EDA Packet

11 6 2017 GI EDA Packet

10 2 2017 GI EDA Packet

9 11 2017 GI EDA Packet

8 7 2017 GI EDA Packet

7 10 2017 GI EDA Packet

6 5 2017 GI EDA Packet


Green Isle EDA Resources:

Green Isle City Brochure

Green Isle RLF Application

Green Isle Tax Abatement Policy

Green Isle TIF Policy & Application

Green Isle Commercial Lots Policy

Local Developer Listings

Industrial Park Lots

Business Lots

Residential Homes for Sale

Residential Lots for Sale

Drone Footage of Residential Lots


Sibley County EDA Resources:

Minnesota Department of Employment

MSU – Small Business

Region Nine Development

Rural Minnesota Energy Board

Sibley County Funding Resources

Sibley Talk

Southern Mn. Initiative

Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company