Green Isle EDA receives $10,000 USDA grant

The Green Isle Economic Development Authority (EDA) has been awarded a $10,000
Rural Business Development Grant from the USDA. The grant will be used to start a revolving
loan fund within the Green Isle EDA. Along with the $10,000 grant monies, the City of Green Isle
agreed to allocate $5,100 toward the revolving loan fund. The Green Isle EDA did not have a
revolving loan fund prior to this grant and sees this as an additional incentive to attract
businesses to their community.

Pet Notice: Summer 2017

The City of Green Isle has received numerous reports of owners allowing their dogs to enter private property and defecate without removal. All pets are to remain under their owner’s control at all times and if a pet defecates, it is the owner’s responsibility to remove it immediately in an approved disposal manner.

Green Isle City Ordinance 2007-03 (Pets), Section 10 addresses these concerns.Please review ordinances placed on this website under “City–> City Ordinances”.

Let’s work together to make Green Isle a clean and healthy place to live.

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