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Pet Notice: Fall 2018

The City of Green Isle has received numerous reports of owners allowing their dogs to enter private property and defecate without removal. All pets are to remain under their owner’s control at all times and if a pet defecates, it is the owner’s responsibility to remove it immediately in an approved disposal manner.

Green Isle City Ordinance 2007-03 (Pets), Section 10 addresses these concerns.Please review ordinances placed on this website under “City–> City Ordinances”.

Let’s work together to make Green Isle a clean and healthy place to live.

Enforcement of City Ordinances pertaining to Grass/Weeds and Resident Yard Storage


The City of Green Isle is enforcing the City Ordinance 92 Grass & Weed Control and City Ordinance 94 – Regulation of Resident’s Storage or Vehicles on Open Yard Areas.  These ordinances cover the clean-up of all resident’s yards.  Please review these ordinances placed on this website under “City–> City Ordinances”.  Letters will be sent to non-compliant residents shortly.

Let’s work together to make Green Isle a clean and safe place to live.

Thank You – Green Isle City Council

Green Isle EDA – Child Care Shortage Project

Clover Kids Childcare Coming Soon


Green Isle EDA is working to address Sibley County child care shortage
Data provided by First Children’s Finance shows that Sibley County has a childcare gap
of 379 slots. An article in Prairie Business Magazine by Editor Kris Bevell states that “if
employees can’t find quality care for their children, they won’t work for you. They won’t move
to our community, or they’ll be forced to move away, or they might have to consider quitting
their job to stay home with their children because they have no other option.”

The Green Isle EDA is working to address the childcare shortage in Sibley County. The
EDA is considering offering 8 to 15 child care slots, but we would like to know the demand for
childcare before pursuing this project.

  If child care slots become available in Green Isle would you be interested in bringing
your child to Green Isle? The hours of operation would be 6 am to 6 pm; located in the Green Isle Community School.  The Daycare Center will be called “Clover Kids Childcare”.  Please visit Green Isle Community School for more information –

  Waitlist (Waitlist-form) or visit the link above.

  Please contact Green Isle EDA Director Amy Newsom at 507-237- 4117 or for additional information. We will need to have a
minimum of 8 on the list to move forward with this project.